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The process of creating a flavor involves technology, research, scientific knowledge, but above all flavorist sensitivity.

Flavors are directly linked to memories and emotions. Tasting is a unique experience, and the flavors are created in order to enhance and customize each product to be developed.

The experience gained over the years, knowledge of different markets and different cultural patterns, allow the creation and development of a wide range of flavors.

Aromac offers a wide and complete range of liquid and powder flavors, tailored to the real industry needs, the specificities of each sector and consumer demand.aromas texto22

Traditional flavors, flavors with HALLAL and KOSHER certification, genuinely Portuguese flavors or flavors associated with other cultures, are part of our offer. We have the flavor you want.


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logo aromac alteradoSince 1995, we give flavor and fragrance to the world that surrounds us

Aromac - Aromas, Fragrâncias e Aditivos

Rua dos Laminadores nº10, Lote 100
Foros da Catrapona
2840-586 Aldeia de Paio Pires
Tel:(+351) 212 197 150/60
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