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zootecnia texto1Twenty years of experience in the study and creation of a variety of flavors for animal feed options, combining the knowledge of sensory factors with the science of animal nutrition.

Solutions that enable the stimulation of early consumption of plant-based food for infant animals in order to ensure proper food transition at weaning, without disturbing the growth curve and production.

Flavors that also allow reducing restrictions in the formulation of compound feed, increasing the available range of raw materials, some of lesser appetence, without a consumption decrease by the animals being explored.zootecnia texto22

In addition to animal welfare and productive efficiency guarantee, we provide the industry in this sector the possibility of creating additional factors of customization and product differentiation in the competitive market.


logo aromac alteradoSince 1995, we give flavor and fragrance to the world that surrounds us

Aromac - Aromas, Fragrâncias e Aditivos

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