Vision and Values

Valores e Visão Texto1Aromac recognizes and values its employees since the very beginning. In addition to the many existing social benefits, continuous training and concern about working conditions, it was also offered to older employees a stake in the share capital of the company.

The values governing Aromac are not limited to internal employees. Concern for the community and solidarity makes supporting various social causes a common practice in our group.

The social concern, continuous training and innovation are part of our essence and our DNA. A well-defined strategy, the willingness to improve year after year and sustained growth, make us an established company.

We are in the process of certification because we believe in quality. The quality of what we are, the quality of what we do and the quality of our products and the service we provide.



logo aromac alteradoSince 1995, we give flavor and fragrance to the world that surrounds us

Aromac - Aromas, Fragrâncias e Aditivos

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