Aromac's History

The group Aromac emerges in 1995 by the hand of its founders, Carlos Alberto Augusto and Maria João Augusto, world connoisseurs of flavors and fragrances, who with a vast previous experience in this area decided to engage in a project with 100% Portuguese capital, and formed Aromac.

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Initially located in Azeitão, Aromac chose from the start to have Carinsa - Aromatic Creaciones Industriales, S.A., as its partner, and brought together a team of employees with specific training in the areas to be developed, allowing to realize the dream of forming a leading company, innovative and a reference in this sector.

In 2007, we built our own and adequate facilities to the demands of our industry and moved the headquarters to Parque Industrial do Seixal.

Later, it became necessary to reach new markets, expand product offering, respond to the market needs and, once again, the Aromac group sought in the various international players the best suppliers for different raw materials it sells.

We sought excellence in suppliers to achieve excellence with our partners and thus maintain the quality that is recognized in the world of flavors and fragrances.

logo aromac alteradoSince 1995, we give flavor and fragrance to the world that surrounds us

Aromac - Aromas, Fragrâncias e Aditivos

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